PLATINUM's Community is made-up of three components; Staff & Advisers, Members and Associates. 

PLATINUM's Staff & Advisers are highly qualified professionals with extensive experience and deep understanding of the many facets within PLATINUM's Community and abilities. From the Community's general wellbeing to a highly custom proposal for a Member's most imaginative request, PLATINUM's Staff & Advisers thrive on exceeding expectations. 


Members have achieved a commendable level of success and prominence that affords them the ability to indulge their dreams, passions and needs in a uniquely personal way. PLATINUM provides the opportunity for the creative, discrete execution of our Members’ requests through the interaction of Staff, Advisers and Associates.



Associates are accomplished, driven 

individuals eager to learn from the 

valuable life-lessons and mentoring 

available within the PLATINUM 

Community. Associates bring a youthful 

vibrance and perspective that is so 

important to the success of every 

aspect of PLATINUM's Community.


There is nothing more important in the field of personal lifestyle service than the experience, integrity and discretion of the individuals providing those services. PLATINUM is admittedly proud to have the finest staffs available. In addition to their extraordinary experience and qualification, each of PLATINUM's managers and advisors are among the most respected and talented professionals in their fields. Whether it is skydiving at 80, the finest wedding imaginable or the perfect island to catch-up on your reading, we are confident that you will come to expect excellence as a standard from your personal staff at PLATINUM. 



Trusted by clients such as C-suite executives, high-profile celebrities to former representatives of the FBI, Stacy brings years of experience and resources to PLATINUM. Over the last 17 years, Stacy has become the premier facilitator for personal services in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Beginning her career in the legal industry, Stacy became a partner in a paralegal and court reporting firm opening private investigative and subpoena service departments. After 7 years, she sold her ownership for the opportunity to take her skill set to the growing market of branding and management services within the entertainment business. She joined what at the time was the world’s No. 1 branding firm, Pittard Sullivan, and CEO, Ed Sullivan.

Running his offices in Los Angeles, New York, London, Munich, with satellite offices in Miami and Hong Kong, Stacy was the point person for all communications between the U.S. and international offices and sat in all board and corporate meetings. She trained all executive assistants within the department and was one of the first in the industry to develop client profiles & property manuals.  Stacy was also the first point of contact maintaining all communications and client services for clients such as Oprah, Rupert Murdoch, Haim Saban, Terry Semel, BSKYB, CBS, NBC, ABC, Sony, Warner Brothers, Disney, CMT, Gaylord Entertainment & Emmy’s.

Throughout the last 17 years, Stacy has had the privilege to work undercover with former FBI agents, along side of presidential fundraising campaigns to red carpets and managing 300+ guest list parties. She became known as the “go-to” of her industry and took her years of experience and connections to create an unparalleled resource database of private services.   

Stacy is also a passionate supporter of various at-risk youth programs & charities and is currently developing a personal development curriculum and book for teenagers. 



While in college AVC launched an architectural design firm which provided “concept to completion” architectural and security design services for his ultra-high-net-worth Clients' estates and superyachts.  The U.S. Department of Justice recruited AVC for his exceptional talent designing highly secure and top secret facilities- which he did for the United States and other governments until his public sector retirement.

Since 2006, AVC has continued to build his global client base and reputation, and during that time he has been featured in the media over 60 times on 5-continents on shows as diverse as The Oprah Winfrey Show to The History Channel. AVC brings his years of experience in the global, UHNW community to PLATINUM where he carries out PLATINUM's mission, providing the best possible experience for each of our Member’s requests. As one of the world's leading authorities in security, AVC knows what is required to guarantee discretion while providing the best possible experience for each of our Member’s requests. AVC is highly experienced at bringing options, order, control and peace-of-mind to our Members, and he looks forward to the opportunity of serving you.  



Anastasia began her career as a Close Protection Officer attending to and protecting the Saudi Royal Family and the Princess of Qatar while they are in London. Anastasia also worked directly for C-suite executives, high-profile celebrities and other persons of note, ensuring the highest level of security, comfort, convenience and medical coverage while under her care and protection. In addition to providing for a number of Royal Families, Anastasia managed other high-profile Clients' private lives, ensuring the success of everything from family scheduling and private international travel to extreme sports and entertainment. It is the combination of this extraordinary level of work experience, attention to detail and passion for perfection that has won Anastasia over as the "Person of Choice" when visiting the United Kingdom.

Samuel Johnson was correct when he said, “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” PLATINUM is confident that with Anastasia and her staff attending to your needs, you will never grow tired of London.