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PLATINUM's mission and goal is to serve our Members' requests while exceeding their expectations. Service is provided at two preferred levels- Immediate and Prompt. 

Membership is by invitation.


PLATINUM's Advisers are among the most qualified professionals in their fields. Their extensive experience and deep understanding of the many facets of our ever-complicating lives and Members' requests are the power and brain-trust available to PLATINUM's Members. This provides unprecedented access to both PLATINUM's Membership and its Advisers which is invaluable when time is of the essence- while keeping us all on the best path.

Advisors are by invitation.



Associates are accomplished, driven 

individuals with very specific talents and skill-sets that bring a youthful 

vibrance and perspective that is so 

important to the success of every 

aspect of PLATINUM's Community. Associates enjoying valuable entree to Platinum's Advisers as mentors with a path to becoming an Adviser.

Associates are by invitation.


Being a guest of a PLATINUM Member has its privileges- providing access and a glimpse into PLATINUM's exclusivity. 

Guest admission in by invitation.


In addition to Members' requests, PLATINUM hosts Special Events, THE QUEST being PLATINUM's signature event.

Participation in PLATINUM Events is by invitation.


You have questions, we have answers. PLATINUM is a valuable resource that provides timely, expert solutions to many of life's challenges on a daily basis. And- this valuable resource is a simple phone call away... +1 202-484-9500

Inquiries are held in the strictest of confidence and are a courtesy.